White Wine Live Blogging Session

Speed dating always sounded like a strange concept, how about ‘Speed Tasting’? Five minutes per wine for the next hour. I’m going to do something I would rather not do,,, SPIT

Concannon 2008 Chardonnay ‘Conservancy’ – Pretty cool history, 4th generation winery that started in 1883 and one of a few of the wineries that were open during prohibition. The fruit going into the ‘Conservancy’ label are from a vineyard that has been put into a legal trust protecting it from urban development. John Concannon poured the wine, great value at $15.

Neethlingshof 2009 Unwooded Chardonnay – Neethlingshof is named after Lord Neethlings who was a South African leader and ‘hof’ means house. So Neethlingshof is Lord Neethlings’ Estate.

Molly Dooker 2009 The Violinist – This winery is getting people talking at the conference. I was reading some of the literature and was pretty surprised at how they promote shaking some of their bottles after opening. Not sure I get it but looking forward to the red they will be pouring tomorrow.

Magnificent Wine Company House Wine– Nice Chardonnay blend and good nose from the 5% Gewurztraminer 5% Muscat. Nice value for $13. The products 50,000 cases so you can find it pretty easily.  Apparently, the Charles Smith party happening tonight is going to be pretty wild.

Dry Creek Dry Chenin Blanc – Really crisp, great nose and only $12. Really liked this one.

L’Ecole41 2008 Semillon Columbia Valley – This is the most widely distributed Semillon for L’Ecole. Fun summer wine but I prefer the Fries Vineyard Semillon.

Parducci 2008 Sustainable White– Winner of Edison Award, first carbon neutral winery, first certified sustainable winery in US. At $10 a bottle, a total crowd pleaser.

Pithy Little Wine Co. 2009 Sangiovese Rose – I really liked this winery. The owners (husband and wife) poured this great rose. Great strawberry without being sweet. The have a flat shipping fee, $10 for any order in any quantity.

Ortman 2007 Edna Valley Chardonnay – Winemaker Chuck Ortman is a Chardonnay superstar who was create the Spring Valley Chardonnay that finished fourth in the 1976 Paris tasting. $24

Don Sebastiani and Sons Chardonnay The Big Green Box – Ok, box wine at a blogger conference?

Desert Wind 2009 Viognier – Fun wine for $15.

Long Shadows Poets Leap 2009 Riesling – I was really excited to try this wine. Long Shadows is a great concept, bring in SUPERSTAR winemakers from other parts of the world to see what they can do with Washington fruit. Riesling is made by famous German winemaker, Armin Diel.